In this section of the web page, the sounds of Eleme are listed and exemplified with vocabulary containing the sound. Each word is then backed up with an audio file for users to listen to online.

Like other Cross River languages and many languages native to West Africa in general, Eleme phonology is characterised by the presence of syllabic nasals and labial-velars. However, it is also distinguished from other Cross River languages in that it phonemically contrasts oral with nasal and vowels, a characterisitc specific to the Ogoni group.

The Eleme phoneme inventory, with 24 consonants and 12 vowels, can be accessed via the two links below. It is a formal representation of information taken from Williamson (1973) and Obele (1998) and does not represent a tested phonemeic status of each sound.

Christopher - A Language Consultant
Eleme Consonant Inventory

Eleme has 24 consonants. Each of these is fully exemplified in this section.

Helen - A Storyteller
Eleme Vowel Inventory

Eleme makes a distinction between oral and nasl vowels. The seven oral and 5 nasal vowels attested in Eleme are exemplified in this section.